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Working principle of the molding machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-20
Compaction of molding machine is the use of pneumatic or hydraulic pressure head or shape of sand in the sand to leave the pressure to achieve tight sand. The molding machine to make pressure away from the sand mould compactness is poor. Molding machine head can be divided into flat head, forming pressure head and contact pressure top several kinds of structure forms. With molding machine applied most widely. Molding machine head split into many can up and down movement of the small square ─ ─ contact, through the hydraulic cylinder can obtain a lot of pressure. Pressure in real time, the contact according to the shape height (underneath The compression of sand layer thickness) Corresponding pressure, make the sand mold for high, compactness and hardness of the uniform. This kind of molding machine is equipped with the seismic shock, can adapt to the modelling of complex shape. Molding machine adopts four pillar structure, single and double location. In order to adapt to the medium and small batch production of castings, the molding machine with more templates quick change device, replacing template, molding machine don't have to stop. Can adopt high contact more modelling, sand mold casting pouring thin-wall castings, precise size, smooth surface.
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