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Why should alloy steel castings poured up

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-01
We in the production of alloy steel, are a casting process. So there is a user of this procedure, the reason of curious, so why should we proceed with this procedure? In the next article has carried on the concrete analysis for everyone. Alloy steel for watering basically has two: the purpose of the 1, added castings in water the full due to quickly reduce the amount of liquid steel liquid contraction ( General repair pouring from the first poured over time interval of not more than 30 s) 。 2, combined steel replacement casting process can guarantee structure with complicated thin-walled does not produce cold, lack of meat, For thin-walled cooling must be fast insulation pouring, and in the rapid pouring into liquid steel rose with riser, due to the presence of gas resistance type, type may lead to the liquid steel is not full of) 。 After pouring, the whole inside the riser temperature and pressure are raised, feeding ability have a certain degree of recovery. And the solidification process of numerical simulation technology to predict it in different time of solidification feeding channel of the situation, which can predict filling time, ensure the quality of the product. Through the simple analysis of the above, we learned that the alloy steel for the purpose of filling water mainly is to reduce the amount of liquid steel and ensure product quality.
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