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Why is the epc green technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-02
Many said the lost foam casting is a kind of green technology, but the green in where, may not many people can say understand. The following is introduced to the specific to do for this problem. First of all, the casting process can be continuous batch production, so greatly reduce the cost and the benefit of enterprise is a big improvement. And in the process of the production requirements for the Labour strength of workers more and more small, the production line area is becoming more and more small, the production environment will not have a lot of dust, so won't produce harm to the health of workers. In addition, since adopted this technology, the number of people directly engaged in production are greatly reduced, but the overall yield was improved obviously. Second, nanjing yong jie mechanical casting in lost foam casting technology co. , LTD. Has a very profound attainments. Company with particular emphasis on to green production, therefore, greatly reduce labor personnel's working hours, labor personnel needs two hours to complete each task, now can do 20 minutes or so, time has been greatly reduced. And, at the time of production, the deoxidization is time has been reduced from the original one hour to now for 5 minutes, reduced the amount of time and gravel contact, can effectively protect the health of workers. Finally, the production technology for electricity saving also has a very prominent contribution. Compared with the traditional process, the same weight of castings, selection of epc mode to production, electricity saving about 1/10. And material saving is also very obvious, calculated according to the 1300 tons of products, with this new technology, material loss can be reduced by more than one-third. But the two ways, this technology can be called green technology. More major is, the evolution of the technology in constant progress, for resource depletion could fall further.
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