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Why do the gravity casting machine with high efficiency?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-12
Gravity casting machine is a kind of gravity casting machine is tilting type, can be 0 90 - degree tilt down gravity casting machine. Bo Joe tilting type gravity casting machine by tilting control the aluminum liquid flow in the mold, it can effectively improve the quality of the casting! Bo Joe can tilt gravity casting machine in the production of a gravity casting fast probably only need two minutes, this is a very fast time efficiency, it related to the quality of the gravity casting machine, of course also related to the size of the casting, and can be more exactly, greatly improve production efficiency. Bo Joe tilting type gravity casting machine production efficiency why so soon? In addition to 90 degrees can be arbitrary tilt, both mold starting Angle and termination Angle, or open mold Angle, to be able to stop increases with the increasing opening, have an independent console, automatic control, increases with the increasing open stop, save time at the same time, the operation is simple, efficiency!
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