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Why choose casting manufacturer in casting moulding machine?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-15
Fully automatic molding machine manufacturers, Joe mechanical analysis of automatic molding machine for you: an overview, fully automatic molding machine, fully automatic molding machine is our tracking the world's advanced modelling technology and the latest developed a new type, its various performance indicators have reached the world advanced level. Has a high degree of automation, casting dimension precision, convenient, stable, the core of double template effective utilization, high - 30 seconds - 45 seconds can hit a sand mold ( Does not contain sand core under time) Pit, cover an area of an area small, do not need such outstanding advantages. Second, fully automatic molding machine USES and advantages of this machine is a substitute for manual modelling and 磞 磞 machine model of the automatic molding machine. This machine structure is compact, the machine frame through through special processing, solid and smooth surface, without the need for pit, maximum use of existing equipment, the origin of the foundries supporting power, saving investment, the most suitable transition from manual to automatic clients. In addition, the models on the basis of fully automatic molding machine in terms of institutional improvement, will, in the next box fixed on the four columns at the same time, guarantee the tanks on accuracy and solves the problem of the wrong box; Fully automatic molding machine manufacturer is more flexible, the modelling of the machine can match line can use push rolling roller conveyor mode and automatic car transmission mode. Three, the main technical parameters of automatic molding machine: 1, the mold size: 610 * 710 * 2, 180/180th of a millimeter production efficiency: 45 SEC/type ( Does not contain the core) 3, modelling way: from top to bottom box side flow hydraulic compaction sand + 4 at the same time, work stress: 0. 65 mpa5, control mode: PLC ( Omron) , touch screen, Omron) Bo Joe machinery is the production of fully automatic molding machine has three kinds of standard models, respectively is: 420 * 520 * 300510 * 610 * 360610 * 710 * 360 ( Length * width * height) Automatic molding machine, if you need other size also can be customized, contact us for more technical consultation: 139, 2623, 6830 had four and the working principle of automatic molding machine used in the process of product design the airflow sand filling technology, upper and lower case on four columns at the same time for tanks and shoot sand, then compacting. After molding, and on the stripper respectively to take off the box, smooth closed box, sand mold will launch by cylinder. Used with conveyor line can realize the automation of the casting production. Five, the work process of automatic molding machine 1, sand, sand through debugging good sand sand line through a conveyor belt to send incident sand box, the conveyor belt is controlled by our machines. 2 and box: shoot sand reaches a certain amount of sand to stop to send in the sand, the box in the cylinder mould box 3, shoot sand into the sandbox: sand box after the action, began to shoot sand 4, compaction, finished shooting sand process, carries on the sand compaction 5, open mode: when finish type sand compaction, sandbox mode, in the box on the cylinder mould, clamping: mold exit end, need the sand core products under the sand core, sand core products do not need to directly for clamping launch: 7, sand mold clamping finish for sand mold, at this time of sand mold can be cast to the casting field
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