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Who knows what is the difference between nodular cast iron and cast steel

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-20
Compared with cast iron, nodular cast iron has the advantage of in terms of strength. The tensile strength of ductile cast iron is 60 k, and the tensile strength of cast iron only 31 k. Ductile iron is the yield strength of 40 k, and cast iron did not show the yield strength, and the final fracture. The strength of the nodular cast iron Cost is much better than the cast iron. The strength of the nodular cast iron and cast steel strength is comparable. Ductile cast iron has higher yield strength, lower yield strength of 40 k, and cast steel yield strength only 36 k. In most municipal application fields, such as: water, salt water, steam, etc. , corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron are more than cast steel. As a result of the spheroidal graphite cast iron spheroidal graphite microstructure, in less vibration ability, nodular cast iron is better than that of cast steel, thus more conducive to reducing stress. Choose one important reason of ductile iron is ductile cast iron is lower than cast steel cost. Nodular cast iron of low cost to make this kind of material is more popular, casting is more efficient, less the machining cost of nodular cast iron. As a substitute for steel, ductile iron, was developed in 1949. Cast steel carbon content less than 0. 3%, and amount of cast iron and ductile iron carbon content is at least 3%. This low carbon content in cast steel does not allow the carbon to form as free graphite resulting in a laminate type of structure. The natural form of carbon in cast iron is the free graphite flake form. In ductile iron, this graphite flake through special processing method to form tiny spheres or change. This improved sphere makes compared to make than cast iron nodular cast iron and steel has more excellent physical properties. Globular microstructure of the carbon, the ductile cast iron has better ductility and impact resistance, and the inside of the cast iron flake form of cast iron results in no malleability. Can be obtained with a ferritic matrix better ductility. Therefore, ductile iron pressure containing parts are treated with annealing cycle through ferrite, the inside of the nodular cast iron spheres can also eliminate iron internal flake graphite is easy to produce fracture phenomenon. In microscopic photos of ductile iron, cracks can be seen traveling to a graphite ball after termination. In the ductile iron industry, these graphite ball called & other; Crack arresters & throughout; Because they have the ability to stop cracks.
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