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When gravity casting machine in use should pay attention to what?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-13
Gravity casting machine is a large casting equipment, in use are some requirements must abide by, it would extend its use. Small make up today, and everyone say precautions when using gravity casting machine in the factory, the hope can help to you. Gravity casting machine in maintenance workers must complete protection; Training must take place before mount guard before operation, the provisions of the mount guard is familiar with the operation of the equipment, such as what to do when a major castings to draw, must want to understand. When using pneumatic shovel should pay attention to, for example, don't start the first pneumatic shovel to casting, pneumatic shovel on the edge of the casting to start again. When use, don't cutting to the people, in order to avoid flying debris. Stop, want to close the duct valves, stop to pneumatic shovel gas supply. To prevent residual gravity casting machine in deoxidization adhering sand and casting flash, burr, poured riser on the cut of a man's hand and fly sand damage to the eyes. Here is by the way the gravity casting machine mold should pay attention to what. To prevent the sling or casting pressure hand, sling don't hung on castings poured riser, don't overload lifting, casting, is taken from the casting pile shall take a top-down, avoid casting cuts. These things can be sure to remember! Rule ten million of them, safety first!
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