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What role does the gravity casting machine 90 degrees down?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-16
Bo Joe gravity casting machine down to 0 to 90 degrees, and can stop at any time and open, so what's good about increase this function? May be a lot of people don't understand the gravity casting machine this machine, small make up to today, and increase the share. Gravity casting machine is used with gravity casting mould, so put down 90 degrees, can make the gravity casting aluminum liquid can flow in a mold. In this way, can make the mould of liquid aluminum evenly distributed, or according to the actual situation of mold making in some places is weak, in some places is thick. It produced in gravity casting quality will be more to customer satisfaction. In the production of gravity casting machine for the customer, we met some customers worry in down or up, have a cacophony of noise. Actually such worries is no problem to Joe, our gravity casting machine, before delivery to the customer, will first commissioning test, even there are no more questions would deliver it to the customer!
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