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What kind of shoot core machine is popular with the foundry?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-04
Shoot core machine is commonly used casting foundry equipment, to produce the core body, its application is very wide, many industries and products need to use it. So, what kind of shoot core machine is popular? First of all, to welcome the basic conditions is of good quality, not only is the quality of the shoot core machine is better, and to produce the product quality is better; Followed by intelligentize degree is high, high intelligent degree also means that the operation is simple, reduce labor costs. Once again, stable quality, simple maintenance and maintenance, and durable. Bo Joe shoot core machine has 14 years of experience, product quality is high quality, 1 year warranty, and has a separate console, a little training to operation. Bo Joe's shoot core machine is only in 180 seconds to complete a core of circulation, the efficiency is very high,
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