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What is the main factors of wear of steel

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-18
Wear is casting parts of the main failure mode, particularly in the abrasive wear conditions, due to the great influence of the abrasive conditions factors such as the progressive loss of wear-resisting cast steel material and the final failure. The hardness of steel is one of the important factors affect the wear. Generally speaking, want to wear parts hardness is higher than the abrasive hardness is 0. More than 8 times, in order to obtain better abrasion resistance. Must be specified otherwise, the wear-resistant parts hardness is wear-resistant parts working face in the hardness after the wear and tear, rather than wear before the initial hardness. But the hardness of wear parts are not the higher the better, some working conditions, high hardness, easy to microcrack initiation. Table 2 - 1 is all kinds of material ( Abrasive) , steel hardness of materials microstructure of phase. For microscopic cutting mechanism of abrasive wear, improve the hardness of steel is conducive to the improvement of wear resistance. For fatigue spalling mechanism of abrasive wear, steel high hardness and good ductility and toughness, particularly with good fracture toughness and crack propagation rate of low and high match the impact fatigue resistance, is conducive to the improvement of wear resistance. If steel in high temperature or wet abrasive wear condition of application, due to the high temperature oxidation corrosion and electrochemical corrosion, wear parts by abrasive wear and corrosion wear and abrasive wear is the corrosion, in addition to the above for some mechanical performance requirements of the abrasive wear, for high temperature wear, improve the antioxidant ability of steel such as to improve the Cr content, will make for improving wear resistance; For wet corrosion wear, improve the electrode potential of steel, especially reduce phase boundary corrosion, will be conducive to the improvement of wear resistance.
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