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What is the distinguishing feature of steel? Casting choice, which is the good manufacturer?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-19
What is the distinguishing feature of steel? Casting choice, which is the good manufacturer? First small make up explain what is steel, steel is steel smelting after pouring into the specific casting after cooling solidification after the formation of the parts. Steel is usually refers to the carbon steel and low alloy steel castings, it has high strength, high toughness and good weldability. Wishes to heat, pressure, corrosion resistant, good low temperature resistance and abrasion resistance, etc. , have special steel casting. 【 Casting of the carbon steel 】 Carbon as the main alloying element and cast steel containing small amounts of other elements. Carbon is less than 0. 2% for casting low carbon steel, carbon 0. 2% ~ 0. 5% of casting medium carbon steel, carbon is greater than zero. 5% of casting high carbon steel. With the increase of carbon content, increase the intensity of the casting of the carbon steel, hardness increase. Casting of the carbon steel has high strength, plasticity and toughness, low cost, in the heavy machinery used in the manufacture of high load of parts, such as rolling mill frame and press the base; On the railway vehicle parts used in the manufacture of force big and withstand shock bolsters and side frames, such as wheels and coupling, etc. 【 Special steel casting 】 In order to meet the special needs and refining alloy cast steel, breed is various, usually contains one or more of the high amount of alloy elements, in order to obtain some kind of special performance. For example, high manganese steel containing 11% ~ 14% of manganese can impact wear, many wearing parts used in mining machinery, engineering machinery; Is mainly made of chromium or nickel chromium alloy elements of all kinds of stainless steel, used in corrosion or high temperature above 650 ℃ under the condition of working parts, such as chemical in the body, pump, the container or the large capacity power plant steam turbine casing, etc. 【 Cast low alloy steel. Contains the alloying elements such as manganese, chromium, copper, cast steel. Alloying elements, generally less than 5%, total has a larger impact toughness, and can get better mechanical properties by heat treatment. Cast low alloy steel than the use of carbon steel has a better performance, can reduce the parts quality, improve the service life. What is the distinguishing feature of steel? Casting choice, which is the good manufacturer? 【 Steel material characteristics 】 1, cast steel and ordinary carbon steel, are made of iron and steel smelting of steel ingot. 2, in machinery processing, steel has been a blank, can be directly processed into 3 parts, steel casting ingot is again after melting casting forming, its inevitable strip casting defects, such as the change of the composition, coarse grains, easy to produce the casting defects such as shrinkage, porosity, so high reject rate, poor mechanical properties. 4, steel is made by the model according to the requirements of the designer to casting molding, can make complex shape, have special requirements of the parts above is small make up to introduce about the characteristics of the steel, so choose a good comparison that, small make up recommend choosing no factory co. , LTD. , nanjing foundry co. , LTD. , the history of professional strength and modern management mode to achieve the excellent complementary and fusion, through constant innovation and development, now has luxuriant turned, coruscate gives new vitality, casting products have year production of heat-resisting, wear-resisting cast steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel casting, grey iron castings, ductile iron parts, stainless steel castings and all kinds of large and medium-sized castings 80000 tons of capacity, is the domestic market competitiveness of the cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings and profile production base. Hotline: 020-86 Address: 22139325 nanjing city, jiangsu province road 200 new district wu bonanza
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