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What is the difference between casting parts and components?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-26
Casting manufacturer to introduce below the casting parts and structure of the difference between? Casting liquid metal casting to match the shape of parts with the casting cavity, after waiting for the cooling and solidification, for parts or method of blank casting. The casting method for casting casting parts. Structure has certain shape structure, and able to withstand the load components, called structure. Such as, sustained, framework, internal skeleton, and positioning, etc. Complete the workpieces can be called on the Angle of the structure in application. Structure required to pass through secondary processing operations can also be referred to as the machined part. Referred to in the building or civil engineering industry structure is made of a material, has a certain shape, and able to withstand the load of the entity. Such as: after lifting can constitute a bridge, building and installation and construction entities of all kinds of reinforced concrete structure with brick, cement pipe piece of concrete slab of the building and the pillar, the base of the machine, electrical products of shell and internal stent and the skeleton inside the aircraft, the furniture of the framework, and so on
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