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What is the difference between casting and the casting

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-02
What should be considered to select the correct casting process is the problem? Casting is an ancient manufacturing technology can be traced back to 1838. The basic casting process is not much change, now more advanced machine, as the technology improved, there are many different ways to meet the requirements. A, the process of the die casting technology: in a nutshell, when die casting, molten metal is injected a hardened steel mould cavity. When metal solidification, it is out of the top tools, the process is repeated. The process varies according to your choice of material of different, there are hot chamber and cold chamber die casting. Hardened steel mould can produce 150000 times in any place to more than 1 million die casting molding, then need to repair or replacement. Second, the investment casting process of investment casting is also called the lost wax casting, including pressure wax, wax, group tree, moistening slurry, wax melting and casting metal liquid and post-treatment process. Lost wax casting is to be cast in wax wax models of the parts, and then coated with mud on wax models, that is the mud mold. After the clay to dry, internal melting wax models into the hot water. Remove melting the wax models of clay and roasting ChengTao template. Once the roasting. Generally, just left a sprue gate, when making a clay from sprue gate into the molten metal, cools, the parts is made. Most of the die casting is made up of non-ferrous metals such as zinc, aluminum and magnesium. Investment casting can be as non-ferrous metal casting metal, including stainless steel. If you want to use a non-metallic materials, processing provides a comparable properties. However, if you want to use stainless steel or copper alloy, casting is a better choice. Die casting and casting molding cycle time comparison: complex casting and die casting parts, cycle time difference is very big. The traditional investment casting requires considerable manpower and time, and 3 - die casting die casting production More than 4 times per minute, the slider die casting up to 45 times per minute. A die casting parts can usually without manual automation are created! The cycle time of die casting and the casting cost variance analysis: determine your final part of the 60% of the cost, therefore, in this case, the casting is usually greater than cost of die casting, it is not surprising. It's highly manual process to produce parts and die casting is very similar, but the cycle time is much longer. Mass casting, casting is more cost effective than investment casting. If you only have one or several parts of the size of the casting requirement or stainless steel, casting may be lower cost options.
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