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What is the advantage of automatic core machine?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-09
Joe automatic shoot core machine, not only refers to the handling is automatic, and in the progress of precoated sand core machine is automatic, this will have to say to the automatic feeding machine, Joe. So, Joe automatic shoot core machine is refers to shoot core machine and automatic feeding machine. Automatic core machine and the automatic feeding machine, its advantage is to reduce the artificial, and loading and uniform in time, there will be no mistakes or lazy. As long as the set, can accurate quickly put the material on the incidence of core machine sand bucket. And Joe will be according to each shoot core machine is customized production of an adaptation of the feeding machine. Bo Joe automatic core machine can make the workers are the benefits of rapid skilled operation, reduce the complicated degree of labor and process, reduces the labor intensity of workers, can greatly improve the work efficiency.
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