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What are the typical features of high-end casting products

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-04
Casting industry in China is in a critical period from the producer to the casting powers. Upgrading of products, upgrading the product structure and the transformation is a challenge for every foundries. In casting production technology to discuss special report of four companies gave us many important enlightenment. As any castings, there are technical requirements and quality standards, the quality of its quality will affect the use quality, safety and life of the machine. From this perspective, casting no high low points. But with the rapid development of our country's economy, the economy of high performance, high efficiency, high reliability of all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment and devices is of higher requirements about the quality of the castings. Thus foundry enterprises can cast high quality, high performance, high level of casting, so as to meet the needs of various industries, these castings is often referred to as' high-end 'casting, summarize down high-end castings has three major characteristics. 1, this kind of high-end casting casting equipment carried by the prominent status in the national economy, and the quality of the casting and the composition of equipment safety, quality, life has a decisive influence. Namely the casting bearing a major role, the production of this kind of casting enterprise responsibility is significant. In BBS meeting four casting enterprise production, for example: such as the quality problem of 'zero tolerance' on the high-speed train bogie axle box; Requirements on the wind turbines, wind power castings using 20 years will not be changed; High carbon equivalent, high strength, high stiffness, low stress precision nc machine tool machine tool castings; Has high fatigue strength QT800 - 5 material car bracket. 2, high-end castings with high performance and large manufacturing difficulty. Its production enterprise at any time to put the quality of the production and quality as the first, quality first concept and requirements to carry out production. Some domestic enterprises for the production of high-end casting technology and management difficulty understanding insufficiency, just rush just because the price is higher. Not from improve the technical level and management level of effort, but 'shortcuts', with low price to earn the order first, then with low-cost manufacturing and the low level of management to produce high quality requirements of high-end castings, and appeared to many quality problem had to give up, even to make our country high-end castings production was given a severe interference, roiled markets. Before the period of wind power casting, machine tool castings, automobile castings have a similar situation. Lead to the production enterprise of high quality castings, invested a lot of quality cost, but low orders, make its unprofitable, also can make the users at home and abroad to our country to produce high-end casting calls into question the ability of also caused the price mistake on high-end castings. Practice shows that the production of high-end casting is not an easy thing, on the management idea, on the technology of production process control, on the strict quality management require companies to have quality. This is a hard, can't avoid transformation process. On the concept, the most important thing is to put the quality in the first place, is on the premise of quality assurance to reduce costs. Production of high-end casting is the most important responsibility and credibility. Such as - QT400-40 ℃ 18 al axle box, the surface flaw detection rate was 10%, huade considering the surface defects directly affect the security and stability of the axle box, instead of 100% inspection. In bidding for the vicious competition of the Chinese, also often encounter at a low price, but after repeatedly repeatedly consideration, would rather sacrifice profits, still insist on a high purity of the cast iron and high prices and high quality carbon steel, the implementation of quality assurance system to ensure raw material purchasing. In the production of high-end casting enterprises, if not put quality as the first, to enterprise's survival is fatal, the negative effect on the state and society is bad. In contrast to produce high-end high quality casting, then to the national economy in various fields is a high-end mechanical and electronic products to promote and guarantee. 3, high-end casting characteristic is the high level of performance and quality of high stability, both be short of one cannot. Attaches great importance to some domestic enterprises to develop, products of high level and quality concept of lax and after the production of quality fluctuation is often many companies produce high-end casting's ills, high-end casting production has two characteristics: one is its high quality, high performance requirements; 2 it is casting quality in the production of high stability; High-end castings of high quality, high performance requirements;
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