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What are the different types of steel?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-17
Now need to be used in many industries steel products for installation and application of this product is better than other materials on the strength, so also solved many problems in practical application, the user in the process of buying the use of cast steel products need to understand their classification situation, because of the different types of cast steel materials during the production to add the proportion of raw materials is there is a difference, so the material characteristics of advantages are different, the application scope is also different, in order to make the application of cast steel materials in line with the actual requirements, the user when choosing cast steel materials should start from the application to make purchase decision. So what's the different types of steel? Demand is strong in the casting of the carbon steel at present, this kind of material in the process of production for carbon element to add more seriously, also combined with the material specification size to control the proportion of added carbon, made more materials than other steel casting products is hard and durable, and the material is resilient, in the process of processing production don't need too much cost to be able to complete production process. Casting of carbon steel in the process of using can solve the application problem of large load, so the material can be used to support or need to be under high load. When buying steel can see cast low alloy steel, the cast steel products contain certain alloy raw materials, so improve the impact resistant ability of the material, but also in the process of machining after heat treatment, so the application of cast steel materials not only have the alloy product advantages, also can rise to extend the service life of purpose. Above is about the cast steel products classification and simple introduction of the characteristics of the application, users can when choosing materials for reference.
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