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What are the causes of cracks in the steel produced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-19
Steel casting crack can be divided into hot crack and cold crack. They are all due to shrinkage deformation at high temperature of liquid steel is blocked. Blocked after casting cooling contraction stress, when the stress exceeds the strength of liquid steel in the temperature or the plastic limit, then generate the crack. Steel casting crack reason has the following kinds: 1, the harmful elements such as sulphur, phosphorus content on the high side hot cracks easily; 2, inclusions and segregation in the steel are liable to form stress concentration; 3, linear shrinkage of liquid steel, the greater the greater the hot cracking tendency; 4, design of steel structure is undesirable, local stress concentration can result in hot crack; 5, the pouring temperature of molten steel on the high side, easy to produce hot crack; 6, steel casting sprue cup, inappropriate position of riser arrangement, causing shrinkage is blocked and produce hot crack; 7, sand mold too tight spot, rolled, prevent shrinkage, increase the cracking tendency; 8, steel cooling too fast or play too early can cause larger cooling stress, increase the cracking tendency; 9, steel cutting pouring basin and riser inappropriate or improper cleaning, heat treatment after cooling too quickly or not divide evenly, could also lead to cracking; 10, steel cooling to the low temperature range, due to the residual stress of castings or outside conditions to form a cold crack.
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