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What are the advantages compared to steel and cast iron parts?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-17
When buying castings, people can see many different types of products, and sell on the market of casting products are commonly carried out in accordance with the production material differences to distinguish, the application of casting steel and cast iron parts more extensive, but in order to ensure that chooses castings conform to the requirements of the installation, we will clear the difference between cast steel and cast iron. On the appearance observation, cast steel and cast iron are similar, but because the material aspects are quite different, so also determines the difference of two kinds of casting performance, especially in terms of strength, the strength of the cast steel is far higher than that of cast iron products, but because of the cast steel products has certain defects in process, so also need to prevent fracture in the process of using, and so on and so forth. During the production of steel, the material need to use many different types of elements, and the proportion of occupied by these elements are directly decides the classification and performance of materials, such as the casting of the carbon steel is now widely used, the material is one of the cast steel, the proportion of added in the process of making carbon regulations, if you add the more carbon, so the higher hardness is made of cast steel products, also can achieve higher toughness, making the material cost is lower, is widely applied, so now more and more high demand for this product. When buying steel, people will see low alloy steel, this kind of product you need to add materials such as manganese and copper, as a proportion of these alloys add need concentration within a certain range, guaranteed made of this material toughness, also can resist the impact of the higher, the application of this material is now also provides convenient conditions for a lot of industry, product service life is long.
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