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Valve casting the trend of the development of the market

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-06
Valve casting the trend of the development of the market? Petrochemical industry is the biggest users of the valve professional part, electric power, metallurgy, chemical and urban construction. Petrochemical profession first selects the API specification of gate valve, globe valve and check valve; Power part first choose power station with high temperature and pressure gate valve, globe valve, check valve and relief valve and part of the water supply and drainage valve of low pressure butterfly valve, gate valve; Chemical industry profession first choose stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve; Metallurgy profession first choose low pressure, large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen cut-off valve and ball valve; City built part of the low pressure valve is used in the first, such as city tap water pipe the large-diameter gate, first choose floor combine to build the center line butterfly valve, first choose city heating first choose the metal sealing butterfly valve, etc. ; Pipeline first choose flat gate valve and ball valve; Pharmaceutical profession first choose stainless steel ball valve; Food profession first selects the stainless steel ball valve, etc. Because of changes in the user requirements, the mall to the valve products will have corresponding change, first to carry out the trend in the future a period of time are as follows: 1. With petroleum development oilfield and the mainland of handling in offshore oil field, as well as the electric power industry from 300000 kw to 300000 kw thermal power under the above of the thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power, valve products should be according to equipment application domain changes corresponding changes its properties and parameters; 2. Urban construction system generally choose a lot of low pressure valves, and to the environmental protection and energy-saving, namely by the bag before using low iron gate toward environmental protection rubber sheet, balance valve, the transition metal sealing butterfly valve and the midline sealing butterfly valve, oil and gas engineering in the direction of pipelining, it needs a lot of flat gate valve and ball valve; 3. Energy to carry out the other side is energy saving, so in terms of energy conservation, to develop steam trap, and high to subcritical and supercritical parameter; 4. Construction of the plant to the large-scale, so the need of large diameter and high pressure relief valve and pressure reducing valve, at the same time also need quick opening and closing valves; 5. According to package engineering requirements, the valve supply by a single species to the variety and more standard. An engineering project, the required valve by a valve manufacturer all supply trend is more and more big.
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