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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-30
Joe in gravity casting machine process, usually keep production gravity casting mould temperature in the process of constant change, because it can guarantee the stability of the quality of the castings produced. So every production of a product, wait for gravity casting mold temperature cooled to a certain temperature and casting. Do you know the gravity die casting machine is cool? Bo Joe is commonly adopt the method of forced cooling to cool the gravity casting moulds, because natural cooling time is too long will reduce the production efficiency. There are three kinds of method of forced cooling, air cooling, indirect water cooling and water cooling directly. Air cooling is to adopt the strengthening heat dissipation by convection cooling, this method has simple structure, easy to make, but the effect is not good enough. Indirect water cooling is to point to in the back of the mold or local place water for cooling, but some casting production can not be an intense cooling, otherwise easy to increase the casting defects. Direct water cooling is directly in the water for cooling water jacket, but the cost is higher, is only applicable to mass production. Generally choose which approach is casting manufacturers have to choose according to actual situation.
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