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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-06
Suddenly went to November, this is the last two months of 2019, this is Joe was founded 14 years, bo Joe has also been efforts to customers and one day to the shipping season. Yesterday was on November 1, Joe will guangdong zhaoqing nets pin a KT - customer ordered 2 molding machine and two ship loose sand machine. KT - customer ordered 2 shock pressure type to take off the box molding machine is Joe's spot, has the need to customers can contact Joe. Joe KT - 2 shock pressure type to take off the box molding machine to produce a product surface is smooth and beautiful, easy to control weight, high precision. Customer ordered KTS sand machine is used for loose sand casting workshop, with loose sand and sieve double function, can move to any required from time to time at the same time the workplace loose sand, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, improve the quality of sand, and has greatly raised Labour productivity. Today, for two customers customized Joe three sets of sand box, box and a set of 10 activities sand box shipments. Joe on the activities of the box is bo Joe has a patent of a sand casting products, it is designed to provide clients with more convenient for use on the box. Bo Joe will continue to make efforts! If you have any need, welcome to contact Joe.
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