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To prevent the crack are casting method

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-18
Way to prevent the casting crack! In the process of casting foundry, near the casting gate or outer edge is easy to appear some problems, such as crack is very easy to appear, lead to the casting scrap rate increases, serious impact on the quality of the casting delay the schedule, influence the company's image. So, how do we prevent stainless steel castings produced cracks? 1, achieve rapid casting. Rapid casting, the filling time is short, less liquid steel cooling, the temperature is uniform, is beneficial to reduce the thermal stress, also easy to buoyancy inclusions, gas, etc. In the stainless steel castings production, should take the following process: ( 1) Using macroporous out leave design each yuan of cross-sectional area, ensure the whole process of casting large flow, low speed, smooth, clean filling; ( 2) 2 use ladle pouring flow is low, and make the sprue cup liquid level height ( h) With the runner diameter ( d) Keep a certain proportion, H> namely; 6 d) To prevent slag and gas in mold cavity; ( 3) In order to prevent the gas or liquid steel in the choke when pouring, the box on the firm enough to vent, smooth discharge gas inside the cavity, the total area of the vent should be greater than the SPR cross-sectional area. 2, cold iron. At the local small hot prone to crack, Such as ontology and flange used) Put cold iron, accelerate the speed of solidification, the sequential solidification strength, implementation of a small scale solidification at the same time, to reduce the hot crack and shrinkage defects. It is worth noting: cold iron has fine grains, increase the role of local high temperature strength, castings used in cast steel three-way valve casting production, can be formed in the whole sequence solidification principle that local solidification principle at the same time, to prevent the formation of thermal cracking and shrinkage.
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