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To prevent pollution method of the stainless steel castings

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-06
When we use the stainless steel castings, often can appear after anodic oxidation film dyeing white spots. This occurs because the stainless steel castings group loose, high porosity, contain a variety of metals and non-metallic impurities, so the quality of oxide film is often more difficult. So to avoid contamination stainless steel casting method: 1, high voltage, high current density impact method. That is at the beginning of the stainless steel castings oxidation adopts high voltage electric shock, that has been part of the oxide by electrical connection piece again. 2, surface grinding method. This method is to grind down the aluminum mill filling has been part of the gap left by the oxide, makes the gap junctions together, as the role of a bridge. 3, surface peening method. This method is to use round head a hammer aperture, closed by knocking, can achieve the goal of the piece. We want to choose according to stainless steel casting the contaminated degree of corresponding to the corresponding method.
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