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This paper analyzes the reason of the stainless steel casting high carbon content

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-02
In the production of stainless steel casting of the carbon content in the process control is difficult to grasp, because the carbon content is too much too little will cause certain influence product quality, this article is to analyze the cause of the high carbon stainless steel castings, see together. 1 set unreasonable, pouring conditions such as casting filling process is too long, cause in the process of casting pouring molten steel temperature is low, especially for casting wall thickness increases, pouring liquid steel solidification speed is slow, liquid & ndash; Solid retention time is longer, prompted the liquid steel and shape the role of thermal decomposition product time growth, increase the carburizing steel and carbon deposition. 2, carbon content is strictly control the production of carbon content in the melting ingredients not strict control, especially the carbon content in the all kinds of scrap steel and all kinds of scrap whether there are other alloy material is unknown. 3, pouring system setup is not reasonable, especially in the system of vacuum and pouring sand box or casting pouring process modelling configuration is not reasonable, cause in the process of casting, casting sand casting in vacuum range, the deviation is too large, or the actual vacuum degree is insufficient, and vacuum pressure gauge shows is to meet the requirements of technical parameters of error values, make the shape of the thermal decomposition product cannot quickly quickly get rid of casting mould, casting carburizing or carbon. Stainless steel castings were analyzed for everybody above the cause of the high carbon content are analyzed, so we in the later production process should pay attention to control these three aspects, and improve the quality of the product.
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