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The working principle of casting machine in automatic molding machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-17
Fully automatic molding machine is the use of compressed air to sand evenly into the sand box pre tight, then the compaction pressure. Commonly used with vertical parting flaskless shoot pressure molding machine and horizontal parting sand type pressure molding machine. Vertical parting flaskless shoot pressure molding machine model without sand, sand directly into the room with the modelling of the template, is the maker of sand mold size precision, both sides sand box are cavity, productivity is high, but the core is difficult, demanding the quality of molding sand. Horizontal parting box shot off pressure molding machine using sand box to modelling, sand mold built after the close type to take off the box, the core is convenient, high productivity. Automatic molding machine, only need to put the product mold molding machine, the whole automatic assembly line will produce molding parts, which not only improves the production efficiency, and save the cost, is to let the general manual laborers to work into a technological innovation, is also a liberation for the manual workers. Bo Joe automatic molding machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment, production technology, will loose sand into the sand box automatically, automatic compaction, automatic stripping, automatic box, automatic box, automatic launch, automatic casting, casting sand box after pushed to sand mixer, so production. Joe automatic molding machine, completely solve: 1, the worker labor intensity; 2, high solution casting technical requirement; 3, improve product quality; 4, reduce costs and other issues.
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