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The ways to solve the casting shrinkage defects

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-22
One of the biggest problems in the production of stainless steel casting process is casting shrinkage defects, in order to solve this problem, many experts to study, to solve the shrinkage defects of castings now summarizes the following: 1, changes the position of the runner of the castings. 2, reasonable process design. Internal sprue runner in relatively thin wall castings in place, the number and scattered. Take the lead in the first into the thick wall of metal liquid solidified, thin-walled place after solidification, to various basic equilibrium solidification. For machine tool castings wall thickness uniformity, with multiple internal sprue and air flow. Dispersion and all of the internal sprue, cloth, make integral heat equilibrium. Air flow is fine and that the exhaust flow and heat dissipation effect. 3, the thickness of structure formation in the stainless steel castings and hot place, rapid solidification, artificially casting temperature field of the basic balance. By inside and outside the cold iron, local big zircon sand, using heat storage chromite sand or special coatings.
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