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The use of wear resistant lining board in the field of various industries

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-24
Believe wear-resisting lining surface, a lot of people who have no contact with this kind of things or feel more strange, but in fact use of wear resistant lining board in our country enterprise is very extensive. As a kind of wear-resisting plate products, the production of surfacing wear plate in easy to wear and tear has so many advantages in application of equipment, these advantages make welding wear-resisting board in the use of more than 20 enterprises in China makes the customer feel very satisfied, but also makes the economic benefits of the customers. The wear-resisting lining where it can be applied to? Here we introduce good, wear-resisting board in our fields of application. Wear resistant lining board first in all kinds of easy to wear and tear on the device can be widely used, including coal mill lining plate, coal distributor plate, coal unloading equipment lining board, chute, coal bunker, coal conveying pipe, ash catheter, ventilation ducts, exhaust fan blade, separator separation cone, fan cover, fan impeller, etc. Shao xin as wear-resisting lining board manufacturers are using the most advanced bright arc welding process for wear-resistant plate production, the craft minimal impact on the performance of the base material, and wear resistance can maximum play. Composite wear-resistant plate completely can be applied to metallurgy, mineral mountain, machinery, railways, building materials, coal, electric power, chemical, agricultural machinery and military industry and other industries, and also has the very big advantage, because the welding wear-resisting plate working on application to the mechanical equipment has the very good properties, such as strength, toughness, plasticity and its wear-resisting performance is also a common wear resistant lining board several times. So wear plate can be a very perfect applied to thermal power plants some of dust collector inlet flue or some of the reclaimer's lining. Wear-resistant plate also can be applied to coal plants. some machinery and equipment, also can be applied to cement plant or loading machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery and so on various aspects. And we can see clearly from these aspects wear-resisting board role of it in our industrial enterprise is very big, is also used very widely one kind of product. Nanjing foundry co. , LTD. , the history of professional strength and modern management mode to achieve the excellent complementary and fusion, through constant innovation and development, now has luxuriant turned, coruscate gives new vitality, casting products with annual production heat resistant, wear resistant cast steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel casting, grey iron castings, ductile iron parts, stainless steel castings and all kinds of large and medium-sized castings 80000 tons of capacity, is the domestic market competitiveness of the cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings and profile production base. Tel: 020-86 22139325
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