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The use of cast iron parts processing: cast iron material performance

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-07
1, the cutting performance is good, in cutting speed is the same situation than sand mold casting about half power saving. 2, the leakage resistance is good, high oil pressure resistance strength, chemical composition, %) To 2. 9 ~ 3. 8 c, 1。 8 ~ 2. 4 si, 8 mn of ordinary grey cast iron material, wall thickness is 1 mm, oil pressure resistance intensity of up to 284 mpa, forging pressure of up to 3550 mpa. 3, the compressive strength higher than that of sand mold casting more than one brand. 4, can undertake all kinds of heat treatment according to the need for profile. 5, good fatigue resistance and fatigue than sand mould castings at about 40%, and cast iron material fatigue than can reach more than 60%. 6, machining allowance and processing time can be reduced by 50%, cutting tool consumption by 70%, blank material saving 12% ~ 50%, the processing surface roughness improve roughness elements level. Cast iron material characteristics as well as the characteristics of cast iron parts processing: cast iron material characteristics: cast iron material removed thoroughly before ordinary cast iron products exist porosity, sand holes, slag inclusion, cracks, cracks and other defects. Cast iron material with good strength, density, tensile, decompression, and abrasion resistance. Product surface is bright and clean, high dimensional accuracy, low machining allowance, etc. One of the most remarkable characteristic is, superior mechanical properties with high strength combined with high toughness and good fatigue resistance performance. Cast iron profiles feature 1, cast iron profiles don't use traditional molding materials such as sand or coating, so continuous casting profiles there won't be caused by sand casting defects. 2, adopt water-cooled graphite with holding furnace inside a large number of molten iron and casting solidification, temperature gradient is bigger, maximum limit reduces the shrinkage cavity ( Loose) Good uniformity, small density, material. 3, material surface finish high, high dimensional accuracy. 4, material quality is stable, not easy to fluctuate. 5, profile size can change, all kinds of material, shape and size of the profile can be production.
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