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The trend of the development of the green casting steel industry in the future

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-08
As the environmental protection law enforcement increasing, forcing steel manufacturers began attaches great importance to the environmental protection technology, attaches great importance to dust control, water purification, waste sand casting slag utilization, and developed a variety of casting environmental protection equipment, such as vibration shakeout machine dust hood, portable vacuum cleaner, smoke purification device, sewage purification cycle reuse system, dry wet reclamation technology and equipment of casting sand, foundry waste sand, slag waste plastics composite technology and equipment, etc. Grasping the steel factory of the technical renovation of the foundry industry efforts to improve casting quality class, in the production of high-performance casting for large mechanical equipment is a priority. At the same time, we should vigorously propaganda, the promotion of saving energy and reducing consumption, the green casting, cleaner production. This is not only saving energy and improving product quality, reduce pollution, necessary to reduce cost and increase benefit, and through the industrial developed countries set the green barriers, firmly occupy the international market. In addition, far-sighted entrepreneurs take the initiative to denounce is gigantic endowment for cleaner production technical renovation and development & other; Green & throughout; Casting products, and promote internationalization enterprise standard, visible enough to improve casting quality, promote green casting will be the future trend of the development of foundry industry.
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