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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-05
Gravity casting is refers to the metal liquid under the action of gravity, injection mold, metal liquid cooling after casting casting process. Not familiar with gravity casting may have such a question, why the application of gravity casting is becoming more and more widely, as if also didn't see gravity casting than traditional casting have advantage, let bo Joe to give you the advantage of the gravity casting. Gravity casting to produce castings with high intensity, because less casting porosity can be heat treatment, heat treatment can enhance the strength of the castings. By gravity casting products made of low density, and since you are depending on the weight of liquid forming, so more like the extension of product rate is high. And gravity casting machine equipment operation difficulty is low, the operator accessible. Gravity casting in the production of non-ferrous metal and alloy material are all play an important role, this is pressure casting and so on the traditional process is unable to compare. With the continuous innovation and upgrade of gravity casting technique and gravity casting manufacturer in the future will have stronger ability in casting production, on the strength of casting and precision further.
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