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The structure of the shoot core machine is introduced and the operation

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-07
Shoot the introduction of core mechanism of the core is: core shoot core machine is characterized by application of two guide pillar, vertical parting, combining a model at the same time to install two different molds, the intermediate fixed frame can be installed in a double fixed mold, around the process ( Is equal to the dual mode frame) 。 Shoot core machine is widely used in foundry industry, with shoot core machine manufacturing core size precision, smooth surface. Shoot core machine working principle is to thermosetting resin as binder liquid or solid core sand mixture into the core box after heating, sand core in the core box preheat fast hardening to a certain thickness ( About 5 ~ 10 mm) Will be out of the high quality sand core for a smooth surface, size precision of finished product. Shoot core machine operation process is what? Below by kuntai machinery equipment factory to everyone about the shoot core machine is how to operate! 1, open the main power switch ( The power indicator) Press the reset button to each motion parts return to original position. 2, open the compressed air valve, the water in the row of net separator. Add sufficient oil mist in the oil, with the pressure regulating valve to adjust the compressed air pressure, the pressure to zero. 5 - 0. 7 mpa can work. 3, check whether within the sand bucket filled with sand, or supplement in time. 4, check all movements are in normal operation. 5, before the start of two guide pin to note the butter. 6, check the release agent tank has enough release agent, should be added in a timely manner. 7, temporarily stop: if the operator to leave for the machine, need to stop the press the stop button. Then press the reset button to make the parts return to their original position. Using hand will die together. Mould remain heating condition. 8, long downtime: turn off the power, shut off the main airway inlet valve and valve of gasholder. Open the discharge valve, eliminate pressure and water.
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