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The structure of castings and air contact area

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-25
The structure of castings and air contact area! Because its casting in metal mold cooling condensation faster than in the sand mold, metal mold not somewhere to make sex, so when the metal mold casting, the casting of casting stress is bigger than the sand mold casting crack tendency is big also, in the process of using simple still lack casting and cold insulation in occur. Casting wall thickness uniformity, excessive and the connection between the wall wants gently, the product more rounded Angle place right and so on various aspects of some tougher than sand casting casting requirements, equipment should be connected the straight wall connected to the skew. Casting parts about the structure of the thinner part should be strengthen, rib, convex platform such as this can be useful to prevent its casting crack, in the process of use should be cut as far as possible have a comfortable shorten block casting, convex rib, a prominent part of flange, etc. Casting a useful place to strengthen its rib on demand, in the process of using also needs to consider its influence on castings to shorten, this can prevent the metal mold casting casting gating lack and cold insulation problems should pay attention to the following structure. Casting wall thickness to the appropriate power too thin, especially when the casting and summarize the time cannot too thin, more big size to useful products, in the process of use requirements to prevent large horizontal plane, the casting pouring time, because it is liquid metal to rise slowly. The structure of castings and air contact area! Air touching the surface of casting parts, easy oxidation, because the metal heat faster, with its metal would quickly lose its liquidity, easy cause its lack of casting, slag inclusion and cold insulation faults.
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