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The steel casting lost wax precision casting method

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-14
Steel casting method is very original. Steel is steel products for many steel enterprises production key technology of steel forging process is a typical product, about the steel casting is one of the important steps in the production. In steel casting requirements, usually need to according to the following points: casting large, steel castings, static 1 - after pouring ladle 2 min calm. Steel casting solidification is completed, the staff should be dismantled pressure iron box, this is done to eliminate xin chang steel shrinkage, avoid crack defects of steel. Simple knowledge of above steel casting details first, and hope to friends better for the customer to the choose and buy of steel support, the use of help, if you want to know more comprehensive knowledge of steel products, please visit our company for consultation. Steel casting method & lsquo; Endocarditis take precautions against & rsquo; 。 Now, along with the advance of today's social and economic development, steel production has become an important work, a lot of steel enterprises is also a lot of steel enterprises use the most common products. In the production of steel casting method is worthy of our attention, small make up simple introduce you to one of the method. Without making co. , LTD. Steel casting lost wax method in the industry generally called revestment precision casting method, is a kind of no cutting steel casting process, is a unique process technology of the steel industry, its application is very extensive. It is not only applicable to various types, various kinds of alloy precision casting, and produced the dimension precision, surface quality of steel is higher than other precision casting method, and other precision casting method is not complicated castings, high temperature resistant, not easy to processing, can be used for investment precision casting process.
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