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The simple causing leakage of engineering machinery repair

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-30
Due to mechanical engineering in the process of we use at ordinary times, slowly machinery will appear some problems, such as corrosion and the action of alternating load, to casting, Such as engineering machinery engine oil sump, water tank and the transmission housing, etc. ) Defect is easy to produce stress concentration, make its flaws slowly will be more and more large, as the defect. Through practice, I summed up the simple causing leakage of 4 kinds of processing methods. 1. Acid corrosion in hydrochloric acid corrosion to eliminate porosity, sand holes and cracks and other defects. Particular way is to use gasoline to clean the casing, and down 5% 10% hydrochloric acid solution soak a day and night to hydrochloric acid react with casting full, due to the displacement function, the generated ferrous chloride could fill tiny sand holes, cracks and pores. But after corrosion of the body, must add a small amount of 0. 5% - 10% naoh aqueous alkali wash, the hydrochloric acid solution to eliminate residual atlas air compressor accessories. 2. Leakage method to put the leakage positions at its lowest point, the metal leakproof agent soluble in water, with water pressure test method will increase pressure solution to casting, working pressure of 1. 5 times the left and right sides, after the water of the agent containing the bare sand holes of filter will cement block in sand holes, with ongoing leakage, sand holes in the binder to gather more and more, finally will blister block. Stop leakage, to keep the pressure 20 min, and then release the leakproof agent, 24 - 28 h, allow it to dry naturally and binder curing. Can be used to test, not leaking. 3. Fill method for casting machine hydraulic pressure test, and find out leakage area, and then use chisel along the crack open a depth of not less than 1. 5 mm groove, to deal with the fat, place the groove surface level, can use AR - 4 rubber to fill the leak; Sticker except filling groove part can also be under the action of gravity into the sand holes, achieve the goal of plugging. Note that when using this method, we should make the casting dry before fill, to fill after curing agent, water pressure test should be conducted to check the leakage. 4. Brazing is commonly gray iron castings, soldering repair available. To thoroughly clean the surface before soldering on the rust, oil, oxide and sediment, reoccupy flux further clean sand holes or micro cracks, then the molten solder droplet into sand holes or cracks, after waiting for solder condensation is welded, the casting will not leakage.
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