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The role of moulding machine in casting production

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-18
The following Po, Joe machinery experts, and everyone take a look at molding machine the role of the casting in foundry production is a complex multistep process of combination, it includes the following main process: 1) Production process preparation, according to the parts drawing to production, production batch and delivery deadline, make production process and process file, mapping the casting process; 2) Production preparation, including preparation for melting materials, core materials and shape modelling, core box, sand and other process equipment; 3) Modelling and core; 4) Melting and casting; 5) Major shakeout cleaning and inspection process. Sand casting is divided into manual ( Core) And the machine model ( Core) 。 Manual refers to the molding and core making main work all done by hand; Machine model refers to the modelling work, mainly including the sand filling and compaction, stripping, machine box made by molding machine, etc. Molding machine with the energy saving, material saving, section, improve project quality, improve the efficiency of construction manual, such as advantages, to carry out the basic national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, completely solve the conventional casting problem of China foundry industry for many years, to save resources, save time, save cost, improve the rate of good engineering quality, improve the effect of casting industry labor productivity, is a major innovation in the field of casting in China, it will produce enormous economic benefits, social benefits and business benefits. Looking to the future.
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