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The role of low pressure casting machine

The role of low pressure casting machine


Low-pressure casting machine is one of the mechanized products that keeps pace with the times. It can produce high-efficiency and high-quality castings. It is mainly used for the production of alloy castings such as aluminum, zinc and magnesium. The working principle of the equipment is that the metal needs to be melted. The liquid is sealed in the holding furnace, and then the system is pressurized by the compressed air, and the metal liquid is powered, so that they can be slowly injected into the metal mold cavity through the riser tube, finally crystallized under the action of pressure, and finally passed through the automatic mold. The casting is taken out in a way. This industrial process is very popular. It is used in the fields of automobiles, instrumentation, internal combustion engines, aviation and light industry to produce alloy casings such as aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

This system group is composed of the main engine, hydraulic system, liquid surface pressure system, holding furnace, furnace temperature control cabinet and electrical control system. The general host is divided into three types: cantilever rotary type, four-column frame type and platform fixed type;

The first cantilever rotary structure mainframe: This mainframe is mainly composed of a combination mechanism, a core cylinder and a frame. The splicing mechanism is a kind of messy device, which consists of a fan-shaped plate, a moving plate and a locking handle. It mainly adopts a four-column structure and constitutes a cantilever with the column. The upper and lower ends of the four guide columns are respectively fixed on the lower die and the sector plate to form a whole body. The lifting mechanism is the same as the lifting bar to push the column and drive the overall lifting. The locking handle can be loosened when the hydraulic cylinder is raised. At this time, the manual or hydraulic cylinder pushes the combined structure, and the optional 90 degree can be selected.

The four-post frame type mainframe includes a mating mechanism and a rack. The main function of the clamping mechanism is to connect the fixed low-pressure casting mold and realize the opening and closing of the opening and closing. This is also a complex mechanism consisting of lower stencils, movable stencils and four tie rods. Connection between the equipment: The clamping cylinder is reversely mounted on the upper stencil, and the coupling plate is connected to the piston rod and connected to the movable mold line through the four tie rods. . . Finally, the entire mechanism supports the equipment and provides convenience for the installation of the holding furnace.

There are also two types of holding furnaces: the 坩埚-type resistance furnace and the molten pool type silicon carbon rod reverberatory furnace. The electrical control system adopts two forms: specification electrical control and computer control.

Make some preparations when applying a low pressure casting machine.

1. The first is to read the instructions and have a certain understanding of the system, principle and operation.

2. The machine needs to be cleaned first, and the dust and debris on the equipment should be cleaned, especially for various lubrication parts. When cleaning the oil pump, make sure that the oil port, the oil return port and the filter element are clean.

3. Under the filter cover and then cover, add clean hydraulic oil, as long as the cursor reaches the upper limit mark.

4. Please connect the power supply with three-phase voltage of 380V and frequency of 50hz to ensure the connection of cooling water pipe and air pipe.

5. Fill the lubricating oil at each lubricating point to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

6. Finally, check the screws and nuts on the joints of the various parts of the machine to see if there is any looseness.

At ordinary times, the equipment should pay attention to the sealing between the holding furnace and the riser tube, and also pay attention to adjusting the screws and the mold so as to avoid deformation caused by too much pressure on the holding furnace. After starting the low-pressure casting machine, be careful not to approach the equipment at will, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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