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The role of gravity casting machine in the three departments

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-12
Bo Joe for my own use aluminum gravity casting machine is to cooperate with gravity casting molds. What does that mean? Is Joe has three departments, machinery and equipment is a department, gravity casting mold is one department. After we produced gravity casting mould, in order to ensure the quality, we will use the mold production castings, namely test. Aluminum gravity casting machine test, as production is equal to the production of finished products. Will die on aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, and then through under the action of gravity, molding products. This time, our engineers will be according to the quality of the product, to judge the quality of the mould. Bo Joe aluminum alloy gravity casting machine with 14 years of production experience, is converted to customized mechanical equipment, because of its use is very wide, so our customer is very broad.
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