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The process of die casting

The process of die casting


The process of die casting

The die casting process basically involves metal casting by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. This mold is created by using a highly hardened tool. On the other hand, low pressure die-casting is a very common process used in foundries that gradually occurs. Then molten metal slowly fills the die, thereby reducing the turbulence. There is a various automotive application which includes wheels, suspension, steering, and other engine components. It works in non-automotive parts, which include type blenders and bell housings. There are various advantages of low-pressure die casting wheels because it has a very good metallurgical quality. So, the advantages include the following.

· High yield is achievable.

· There is a reduction in machining costs due to the absence of feeders.

· further, excellent control of process parameters can be obtained by a high degree of automation

· lastly, good metallurgical quality facilitates slow, non-turbulent filling and controls the solidification dynamics resulting in good mechanical and metallurgical properties of the cast



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