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The pouring temperature of the castings

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-27
Castings is an important structure, machinery manufacturers of they are produced by the manufacturer for castings, at the time of production need to pass a lot of process, we want to know is it under the pouring temperature. Castings in production, one of the most important steps should grasp the even temperature, if the temperature control is not good may greatly improve the proportion of waste, and even make products to be scrapped directly. In the fire, if the pouring temperature is too low may form defects: first, manganese sulfide air hole, can improve the purity of molten iron, so as to effectively prevent this kind of defect. The second, sand core gas caused by porosity, is usually caused by poor sand core exhaust. After the third, the liquid slag processing gray cast iron pieces of skin will find monomer holes one by one, this kind of defects associated with pouring temperature, is due to the low pouring temperature and liquid iron trace under the reducing atmosphere in pouring. Through the simple description of the above we can know, pouring temperature is very important, it can directly affect the manufacturer production product quality problem, so in this step, must master the correct methods, reduce casting rejection rate.
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