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The performance of the steel than cast iron which is superior

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-03
Iron and steel is iron with carbon fusion of ferroalloy, C content in 0. 03% - Ferroalloy called steel, between 2% - 2% 4. 3% between known as pig iron, by reducing the C content of cast iron can turn iron into steel, cast iron as C content in high performance hard and brittle, poor mechanical properties, low C content in steel, has better toughness, can be forged, can delay pressure, has the good mechanical properties. C content is low, so the answer is: steel has better toughness, can be forged, can delay pressure, has the good mechanical properties. : the concept of alloy alloy is formed in the metal heat fusion in some metal or nonmetal material with metal properties. 1) alloy can be a mixture of metal and metal or metal and nonmetal, not necessarily all of metal. (2) alloy metal characteristics, such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility, etc. (3) alloy is several component fusion together, is a physical change, not a chemical change; Alloy is not simply a mixture of several components. (4) alloy components remained in his own nature. Alloy compared with of their properties of the metal, metal fusion after other metal or nonmetal, not only form has changed, its inner structure has changed, causing changes in the nature. Therefore alloy than the pure metal has a wider range of purposes. The comparison of pure metal and alloy properties: (1) alloy general than its component metal color is more bright-coloured. (2) the hardness of alloy metal shall generally be work of it. (3) alloy melting point is lower than in its metal. (4) alloy corrosion resistant ability generally strong work of the metal. (5) alloy, the conductivity of the thermal conductivity of lung can generally worse than it of metal. The comparison of pig iron and steel, carbon content 2% & ndash; 0 4%. 03% - 2% of the other elements Si, Mn, S, P ( A small amount) Si, Mn and other mechanical properties of hard and brittle, hard, no toughness toughness, good plasticity, elastic mechanical processing properties can cast not forging is casting, forging, and rolling classification white iron, gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel intellectual inspiration: 1) pig iron and wrought iron, cast iron is refers to the carbon bonds in a 4 2%. 3% of ferroalloy, wrought iron is refined using pig iron with a pure iron, carbon content less than 0. 02%. (2) cast iron and cast iron, cast iron is one of the pig iron, means can be used to cast iron, usually refers to nodular cast iron. (3) the performance of the carbon steel and carbon site, the higher the carbon content, the greater the hardness, but the toughness is poor; The lower the carbon content, the better toughness, but the less hardness. (4) pure iron and iron color difference daily life daily life, we contact with iron is not pure iron, but some of the iron oxide or a mixture of iron, so our common iron color is black, but it is not the color of pure iron, the color of pure iron is silver. The wide application of the alloy: ( 1) Ferroalloy: ferroalloy including iron and steel, cast iron and steel, mainly of iron, steel and cast iron of various performance, is largely due to the different carbon content. The types of pig iron and steel ( 2) The carbon content of iron and steel, cast iron is 2% & ndash; 4. 3% of the carbon content of steel is 0. 03% - 2% ( 3) Titanium and titanium alloy, titanium and titanium alloy is regarded as the important metal materials of the 21st century. Properties: excellent corrosion resistance, (1) of sea water, air, as well as a number of corrosive medium, stability, good plasticity, strength, density is small, also known as biological metal affinity; (2) use: jet engines, and aircraft. The fuselage, satellite shell, rocket shell, medical compensation, artificial bone, desalination equipment, vessel and the vessel shell.
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