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The operation is simple or not is an important evaluation of shoot core machine is good or bad

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-14
Joe's shoot core machine is fully automatic, every button with written instructions, operator you can work as long as according to the text to operate, so cultural requirements for staff is not high. Now a lot of machinery and equipment manufacturers in the pursuit of complex operating system, it looks equipment science and technology content is sufficient, however, it is unnecessary for production enterprises. Why say than necessary? Shoot core machine, for one, and if the operating system is complex, it will have to spend a lot of time and money to do staff training, accordingly, its maintenance cost is high. For shoot core machine, simple operation, stable and relatively high production efficiency is very suitable for manufacturers. Shoot core machine is Joe a important product, divided into automatic shoot core machine, double head shoot core machine, enclosed shoot core machine, automatic feeding shoot core machine, horizontal shoot core machine, etc. And shoot core machine is compared with other casting equipment, demand is relatively large mechanical equipment.
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