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The number of gravity casting die, die casting, gravity casting equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-25
Gravity casting mould is part of the gravity casting process cannot lack, gravity casting mould for gravity casting machine to produce the quality of the casting product quality plays a decisive role. Different material quality of gravity casting mould will be different, and because of gravity casting mould price is higher, so usually use mass production, then, die die time is very important. Bo Joe's gravity casting mold casting mold of The Times in 20000 times to 80000 times between, as for the specific gravity casting mold mold time depends on the mould material, bo Joe there are three kinds of the materials used, ductile iron, H15 steel and 45 steel. Bo Joe's gravity casting mould material and elaborate design makes Joe mould casting a lot. Joe has 14 years of experience in casting, Joe's gravity casting mould have many advantages, such as long service life, high efficiency, appearance size accuracy precision, etc. Joe is gravity casting equipment designed to produce one-stop service manufacturer, in sustainable development as well as the pursuit of high quality, if necessary, welcome to consult.
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