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The molding machine mold effect of leverage, hardness of 75 - - Between the 90

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-21
Molding machine to leverage the effect of sand mold, the hardness of sand mould can reach 75 - - Between 90, guangdong sand moulding machine is adopt air, hydraulic extrusion, and there are ten of the oil cylinder, pressure force uniform, and can be a case of multiple products, the production efficiency is high, and the guangdong molding machine in mould is very convenient, the whole in mold process in five minutes to complete, one machine only need one machine operation, simple operation, after-sales service also provides a package service of the church, guangdong molding machine can produce 80 - an hour About 100 cases ( Does not contain sand core under time) , below is the auto parts mold pictures, guangdong molding machine batch production of auto parts is very appropriate, because a majority of auto parts is using clay sand process in the production of cast iron material products, and the number of products, auto parts molding machine is selection of guangdong molding machine
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