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The matters needing attention of casting steel repair

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-18
Steel is a kind of made of cast steel parts. In steel, its performance have some similarities with cast iron, and in use, is higher than the strength of the cast iron. Steel casting during casting process at the same time, easy to appear the phenomenon such as bubbles, so require extra attention in use. 1, all the proposed welding repair method for steel casting defect repair, shall review the defects and welding repair procedure. 2 important castings use gas cutting or carbon arc air gouging, wipe out the defect, the chemical composition of visual castings, defect size and nature of the necessary preheating. 3, the defect of steel may be found when appearance inspection, may also be found after heat treatment and machining. For do not allow the existence of defects, can use mechanical processing, batch of chipping, grinding, cutting, or methods of carbon arc air gouging. After weld repairs, 4 casting defect repair welding and near the base must be polished, and according to the number, size and site of the original defects of sketches for nondestructive flaw detection, to confirm all defects have been removed. Casting parts after removal of defects, 5 NDT shall be performed to confirm the defect has been completely removed. Due to remove the defects of shallow groove or pits, not weaken the strength of casting, it can be ground to a smooth surface of the arc shape transition.
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