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The main characteristic of cast moulding machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-17
The main advantages of bo Joe mechanical molding machine is low cost and high efficiency, for the production of small and medium-sized pieces, simple pieces, grey iron pieces. In the production of brake discs, simple bearing cover etc, the core of products less, have the advantage. Standard flaskless line with other companies, no box line, compared with weight of L type plate and door type, up and down around the sand mold 'stepped up' all six azimuth, therefore in the box and fault resistance due to other companies without box line box. Economical flaskless molding line, simple, reliable and efficient, low cost, the maintenance cost and reliability are superior to other companies of flaskless molding line. Bo Joe molding machine production line just need to put the product mold molding machine, the whole automatic assembly line will produce molding parts, which not only improves the production efficiency, also save the cost, is to let the masses of labourers to work into a technological innovation, is also a liberation for the manual workers. Automatic casting molding machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment, the production process: the loose sand into the sand box automatically, automatic compaction, automatic stripping, automatic box, automatic box, automatic launch, automatic casting, casting sand box after pushed to sand mixer, so production. Bo Qiao Zao molding machine completely solve: 1, the worker labor intensity; 2, high solution casting technical requirement; 3, improve product quality; 4, reduce costs and other issues.
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