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The life of gravity casting mould

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-07
Joe gravity casting die life is through the test. From the material, there are three options open to Joe's mold, die life of 20000 / time no. 45 # steel and 10000 - 15000 / mould of nodular cast iron and reached a staggering 80000 / H13 steel die. High life expectancy of gravity casting mould for gravity foundry goods time. For gravity casting mould is very important. And gravity casting mold equipment is very expensive, so a lot of gravity foundry back looking for gravity casting mould manufacturer to customize a mould is ok. At that time, foundry has strict requirements on gravity casting mould life. The reason has strict requirements to the gravity casting moulds, because foundry customers if it is mass production, and the mold is not yet complete production tasks is discarded, that the time limit for a project are no way to account for the customer. And gravity casting mould of the time limit for a project are to be of a certain amount of time, so the low service life of mould is not only time-consuming, also increased the cost.
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