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The key point of quality and refinement forever

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-19
Product quality is the survival and development of the enterprise, the importance of everyone knows, but the quality of the products lies in every link of production, product quality in each of the operators hands, how many people are there in real practice? Such as porosity formation of castings, the defect and the quality of raw materials, sand, modelling, the core, tanks, melting, pouring temperature, nature and the operators of those links. And as cracking formation of castings, the defect and raw materials, shape, the core, box, ingredients, melting, pouring temperature, out of the shakeout, poured riser, clear cutting grinding, welding repair, nature and the process of the operator. In the actual production, complain about people is more, there are fewer people introspection, has nothing to do with yourself, most people think that the defect & other; I always do that, wouldn't matter & throughout; Is really & other; I always do not have a problem & throughout; ? Any production process is a dynamic, it can't be fixed die, the whole world is in a dynamic development. Every batch of raw material not the same, the climate will not every day, tooling accessories also won't every time, what's more, each casting is different also, so different castings to take different craft, different conditions to take different process, the process is also need to constantly improve and improve. The only constant is, in strict accordance with the operation process. Although many factors that affect the quality of the product, but if each process strictly operation, everybody strictly the quality pass, every link of the quality is not only a problem and highly, the product quality problems will be a lot less. Instead of complaining about is well done, quality in our own hands. Industrial production is a multistep process of collaboration, like a long chain, if a certain link quality was in danger, then the whole chain will be broken, even if all other link are good also of no help, attached to the weight of the chains will fall, only the quality of each link in good condition, can ensure the whole chain continuously, the weight does not fall. Product quality need to each one of us to do a good job of their own, everyone starts from me, each link to ensure the quality, this is also the connotation of total quality management. And to the development of an enterprise to improve the quality, work to improve, this is every enterprise staff's responsibility. Regardless of what kind of work to do, all need to have professional ethics and professional responsibility. Do industrial workers, the quality is fundamental, professional responsibility cannot forget, spirit cannot be lost. Quality in my hand, let us everyone starts from me!
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