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The influencing factors of stainless steel precision casting size

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-29
Stainless steel castings is not strange for us, but in our production process is hard to hold for a size, a little careless, will cause the size is not accurate, so cause what does it not accurate size factor, its basically has the following factors. 1, the structure of castings, casting wall thickness, shrinkage rate is large, thin wall castings, the shrinkage of small, free shrinkage rate, little shrinkage. 2, the material of shell making: the zircon sand, zircon powder, shop on the sand, shop on powder, because of its small expansion coefficient, just 4. 6× 10 - 6/℃。 3, shell roasting: because of the type stainless steel castings and shell expansion coefficient is small, when the shell temperature of 1150 ℃, is only 0. 053%. 4, pouring temperature, the higher the pouring temperature, the shrinkage rate, the greater the pouring temperature is low, the smaller the shrinkage rate, thus pouring temperature should be appropriate. 5, casting material: material of carbon content is higher, the stainless steel castings line the smaller shrinkage rate, the lower the carbon content, stainless steel casting line, the greater the shrinkage rate. 6, molding shrinkage of casting line: wax wax temperature, pressure and holding time on the size of molten wax to shoot the influence of temperature is the most obvious, followed by radiation pressure of wax, the holding time in melt after mould for casting the final size is small, the influence of the line shrinkage rate of the wax material is about 0. 9 - 1. 1%. Above, six will affect the precision by the size of the stainless steel castings, therefore, we in the later production process it is important to pay special attention to the above six o 'clock.
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