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The influencing factors of epc casting dimension accuracy

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-18
For any parts, the precision of size is always a critical problem, die-lost casting is no exception. But often there are some other factors will affect the precision of size. Below we mold foundry with everybody know about the factors that affect die-lost casting dimension accuracy: in general, there are a variety of factors, which affect the casting dimension accuracy, such as structure, shape, size of the die-lost casting, plastic foam quality, the influence of paint coating, the effect of casting process model, the influence of the casting part, etc. In the lost foam casting process, pouring process is one of the crucial link, pouring system, casting speed, casting temperature, casting process four factors is the key to improve the quality of the casting process, only by constantly improve, and constantly improve, to make good high quality casting precision casting. Paint coating for epc casting accuracy also has a great influence, coating performance, coating thickness can affect the shape size, thereby affecting the dimension accuracy of castings, thus lost foam casting, coating should have good performance, sufficient strength, at the same time paint smearing process should be reasonable.
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