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The high precision of epc?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-28
In lost foam casting process, need to go through several important process step, you will first need to determine the size and shape of good product, then according to production needs to choose suitable mould, after finalize the design to the surface besmear to brush paint, and drying, the manufactured products for further modeling, and then after gasification process can meet the production requirements, the manufactured products meet the requirements, can finish the whole operation process after cooling, so in order to ensure the quality of the products, need to strictly follow these steps to perform the operation. High precision of the epc? Now both in metal manufacturing and to choose products for installation of the user, for the product requires a high degree of accuracy, size and type differences will directly affect the application effect of material, and this process is actually in terms of accuracy is guaranteed, this is because the processing method has the advantages of small error no residual, technological process is also made a lot of adjustments on the basis of the original, so the product components made of very high precision, can also meet the requirements of the use of the user. Another epc process without parting surface, and there's no need to sand core, and these are the traditional process method is the biggest difference, during the period of the raw materials for processing, also won't exist burrs and slope, can effectively promote the quality of the product, in the process of production for the consumption of raw materials is also very low, so can save a lot of for the factory production cost. Through our without making co. , LTD. , the above introduction can learn, now lost foam casting process can ensure the precision of the products, so to be able to provide users with a more suitable casting products.
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